CHINACOAT2016 was successfully concluded
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The 21st China International Coatings Exhibition (CHINACOAT2016) was successfully concluded at the Canton Fair on December 2, 2016. This exhibition attracted many industry elites from home and abroad.

The 21st China International Exhibition site popular popular

China International Coatings Exhibition has been committed to the global audience to produce paint, ink, raw materials, technology and production / packaging equipment and devices, and for the current environmental regulations under the relevant solutions and management systems. The unprecedented scale of this exhibition, from 32 countries and regions, more than 1,000 exhibitors in the area of more than 70,000 square meters of exhibition hall together. The exhibition set up more than 1,000 booths.

Foshan Zontai Titanium Dioxide Limited in the booth

Foshan Zontai Titanium Dioxide Limited General Manager Ms Zhu and Technical Manager Mr He.

Staff of Foshan Zontai Titanium Dioxide Limited are working in the booth.

Since the inception of the exhibition in 1996, the China International Coatings Exhibition has been held for twenty-one sessions. The exhibition of green, energy saving, environmental protection features prominent. Exhibitors have said that the paint industry must take the green line, speed up the paint industry to environmental protection, low-carbon, energy-saving direction.

China is the world's paint production and use of power, is also the engine of global industry growth. Over the past two years, the scale of China's coating market has gradually changed, to maintain a stable growth of the total amount of product structural adjustment of the results of the gradual slowdown in architectural coatings, industrial coatings accounted for an increase in environmentally friendly coatings by the market blitz. The downstream market to affect its upstream raw material market, raw material enterprises through product technology innovation, have taken root in the market firm footsteps. Through this year China International Coatings Exhibition, latex, resin, additives, titanium dioxide and other raw materials can be described as dazzling array of new products, which also reflects the market prospects for future growth is huge, exhibitors from this exhibition also benefit!

During the exhibition, our booth attracted a large number of customers, most of them expressed great interest to our products titanium dioxide, many customers are on-site for a detailed consultation, and some customers also left contact, And hope that through this opportunity to conduct in-depth cooperation in the future. Through on-site staff to answer the communication, we found that the trust of our customers, not only based on our excellent products, the price is competitive, but also because our company has a comprehensive, thoughtful, sincere attitude.